You can participate in Rally4Schools! An initiative that connects churches, businesses, and people to local schools in Oklahoma City to support athletic programs. OKC Community has worked with Rally4Schools for the last few years and we've specifically served the Northwest Classen Boys Basketball team. You can join in this season by providing pregame meals, attending games, and meeting various needs of the team.

The hope is to be servants to our schools and advocates of the students themselves by showing them that their community is behind them! If you're interested in jumping in to help provide meals, deliver food to the team, attend games, build relationships, or serve this cause in any way. Sign up and we'll get back to you with the details! The season begins in November!

You can learn more about Rally4Schools here.
This is a growing program working together with OKC Public Schools and others.


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Feel free to attend games and support the team. Tickets are $5 (adults), $3 (for kids), cash only.
Home Games are held at NW Classen High School - NW 27th & May Avenue, OKC

November 30th vs. Classen SAS
December 14th vs. Star Spencer
January 4th vs. Douglass
January 15th vs. Southeast
January 22nd vs. Santa Fe South
February 8th vs. John Marshall

February 21 - Playoffs Begin